Superior Tactics 2.0 Released on Android

We've pushed the huge 2.0 update for Superior Tactics to Google Play. Updates: Almost double the amount of units to choose from. New overhauled missions. Now based on a non-linear sector based campaign. Tanks added to the game! Go check it out: Google Play Store ... Read more »

Superior Tactics 2 on Greenlight

As part of my effort to bring Superior Tactics 2 to the PC, I've put up a Greenlight page here: Yes votes would be much appreciated! ... Read more »

Superior Tactics 2 Trailer

The game is almost finished, so I've released a trailer: Look for the game on Android, iOS and PC soon! ... Read more »

Superior Tactics 2.0 Upcoming Features

Background information: Superior Tactics is a space RTS for Android/iOS, this trailer can tell you more: I'm currently working on a massive overhaul for Superior Tactics. I will probably release it as a sequel to the original game, since there will be some breaking changes. Here's a small list ... Read more »

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