Superior Tactics 2.0 Upcoming Features

Background information: Superior Tactics is a space RTS for Android/iOS, this trailer can tell you more:

I'm currently working on a massive overhaul for Superior Tactics. I will probably release it as a sequel to the original game, since there will be some breaking changes. Here's a small list of some of the things I will be working on or changing:

  • Sector (grid) mission map, no more boring linear progression!
  • All new, redesigned missions
  • Added 8 new ship types to the game
  • Added 4 tanks (ground units!) to the game
  • Ships can now only equip certain equipment types for each slot
  • Map Editor (for development)
  • A variety of bug fixes and code cleanup
  • Tweaks and balance changes
  • Either improve or scrap Online play (not yet decided)
  • More background art

Sector Map

The previous mission progression system had you just clicking on mission numbers from 1 up to 200. It was quite linear and simple. I've decided to implement a sector based mission map where you can choose where to go next. Also, certain missions will be more challenging, but will reward the player with an unlock (such as a new ship type)

  • Green is a sector you have already completed the mission for
  • Red is a regular mission
  • Purple is a mission with a special unlock as a reward

You may choose any mission adjacent to a sector you have completed. The darkened sectors are not yet accessible.

The Map Editor

Because the sector system is a bit more complicated, I decided to whip up a map editor to make my work easier. It's pretty much only for development at this point, but I'm considering if there is some way I can release it to public.




The UI is quite crude as you can see.

Module Types

Previously, a ship that had 5 slots could put anything it wanted in those slots. Now slots are divided into categories such as Laser, Beam, Cannon, Mine, Bomb, Shield, etc.

They will only be able to equip modules from that category. This does a lot to create differences between different ship types. Previously the only differences were max health and speed.

Background Art

Superior Tactics only has 5 different backgrounds, and you tend to see them over and over again. I plan to add more to spice up the variety. Here is the tool I use.

Online Play??

Superior Tactics 1 featured a very basic asynchronous online play mode. When logging in, player fleets were uploaded to the database, and this let players play against other players' fleets, as controlled by the computer. There are a lot of advantages to this mode (no waiting for other players, no network latency issues) but it could sometimes be rather dull. I think it was more of a novelty than anything else. For Superior Tactics 2.0 I would like to either rethink online play, or scrap it completely.


If you have any opinions about some of the changes please let us know at

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